Being able to communicate is essential in today’s highly-charged global marketplace. Breaking through the endless noise of information can be a challenge. If you cannot clearly deliver a succinct message – verbally or in writing – to your intended audience, your competitors will pass you by.

Whether you’re transitioning into the private sector from the world of government, or just looking to improve your general business skills, SMI’s Writing for Professionals and Executive Presentation Workshop can quickly enhance your ability to clarify, deliver, exchange, and be more persuasive in your communications.

The three-day workshop breaks down business writing and presentation skills into easy to understand concepts that can be immediately applied. The course is taught by former senior Fortune 500 executives, with extensive experience in creating and delivering quality international business content. Extensive writing and public-speaking exercises are conducted in a practical training environment.

Course content includes:


  • The Case for Professional Writing
  • Grammar and Other Favorites
  • The Writing Framework
  • Writing with Clarity
  • Writing Great Essays
  • Writing Professional Emails
  • Good Writing is Good Business
  • Executive Presence
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Developing a Great Presentation
  • 10 Common Speaking Mistakes
  • Persuasive Speaking Techniques


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