The Emergency Management Plan Writing workshop is designed to help participants develop an emergency management plan for their agency or organization. The instructor will interact with participants to help them develop individual emergency management plan components. This workshop will concentrate on the actual “nuts & bolts” of what it takes to write emergency action procedures and comprehensive emergency management plan components.

Participants are encouraged to bring with them a section from their existing emergency/crisis management plan for discussion and further development during the workshop. If you do not have a plan yet, no problem! You will start to develop one while completing this workshop.

The instructor will walk participants through the process of organizing and consolidating existing policies, procedures and protocols into a comprehensive crisis management plan. Participants will also receive handouts and digital files which will provide them with take-home information as they continue to develop their document beyond the workshop.

Throughout this workshop, participants will work with the instructor to develop consensus opinions on particular plan components for each of their plan document sections.

Participants in this workshop should bring with them a laptop computer with Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and digital copies of their emergency action procedures, emergency management plans or plan components with which they are having difficulties.

What You Will Learn:

  • What should be considered when writing a plan
  • What belongs in an emergency management plan
  • How the plan is best organized
  • How to consolidate your existing policies, procedures and contact lists into a finished comprehensive crisis management plan
  • How to develop consensus while you develop the plan
  • Detailed instructions on how to consolidate and organize emergency contact information for use in an emergency
  • How to maintain, update and distribute the final plan document




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