The Threat Detection and Terrorism Awareness course will instill a basic understanding of how terrorists use open source intelligence and surveillance techniques to assess and select targets, and will teach students specific skills to track such activities. The course utilizes stand-up lectures and hands-on classroom exercises to identify the profile and method of operation of terrorists, the threats they pose, the techniques they employ, and how the United States combats them. Students will learn the information necessary to provide a foundation of understanding in threat detection, specifically terrorism awareness and surveillance recognition prior to a terrorist event. 

What You Will Learn:

Students will leave the training with a comprehensive background in the casing methods employed by terrorists, and will understand how terrorists utilize open source information during the target selection process. Students will be familiar with the MO’s of terrorist organizations and the threats they pose to various targets. Particular focus will be placed upon the techniques and methodologies that can be employed to track terrorists during their target selection process, and how to recognize when a facility or operation has been targeted. Course activities include:

Classroom Lectures and Presentations

  • Terrorism Awareness Briefing
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Techniques
  • Terrorist Methods of Operation
  • Attack Scenario Case Studies
  • Potential Indicators


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