It is an unfortunate truth that any public gathering or event has become a target for political dissidents or radical terrorists. Yet securing such gatherings is a highly complicated task requiring the integration of hundreds of moving parts. It is for this reason that Security Management International strictly employs professionals with decades of experience in performing Event Planning and Security for the Secret Service, urban police departments, the CIA, FBI and Armed Forces. No matter the country, venue or principle, SMI is committed to providing clients with the highest quality security planning, logistics and management of large attendance events.

Some of the services SMI offers include:

  • Supplemental security officers
  • Metal detectors
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Trained bomb technicians
  • Mobile command posts and communications centers
  • Perimeter access controls
  • Coordination with local law enforcement
  • Route planning
  • Executive protection for high-risk principles
  • Armored vehicle transportation
  • Private jet coordination
  • Customs expedition in select countries


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