Globalization of Business and Safety Concerns

At SMI we recognize that the world is not always a safe place. However, as the world has gotten “flatter”, business travelers are often times required to venture to parts of the globe that they would otherwise prefer not to visit. Political unrest and public upheaval, terrorism, kidnapping, criminal intent, and overall street violence are just some of the issues that international business travelers must be aware of In addition, medical issues such as dehydration, malaria, or even a broken leg could severely threaten your life in some countries.

Therefore, let SMI be your guide to these parts part of the world.

Global Safety for Business Travelers

Over the past four decades, our associates have experienced a variety of threats first hand in over 100 countries. Allow us to share our knowledge – much of which is current to the ever-evolving conflicts in the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Central Asia – in SMI’s “Hostile Travel Course.”

This two-day training is packed full of useful information that you will immediately put to good use on your next overseas trip (regardless if you are headed to Afghanistan or Luxembourg).

Topics covered include:

  • Pre-departure Planning
  • Travel Considerations
  • Arrival SOPs
  • Transportation and Vehicle Safety
  • Hotel/Apartment Security
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Behavior and Vices
  • Scams
  • Personal Security
  • Checkpoints and “Shakedowns”
  • Explosives
  • Kidnapping Threats
  • The Go Bag Concept
  • First Aid and Medical
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Survival Priorities
  • Departure




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