Did You Know... When most large consulting firms bid on a security project, they claim to have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on their staff. However, the reality is more likely that the consulting firm will post an advertisement for independent contractors (ICs) to fill those SME positions, only after the project is won – usually billing the client double of what they pay the IC!

An Experienced Team Matters

At SMI, our team of professionals has worked together for several years – previously responding on behalf of the US Government to terrorist attacks both domestically and abroad, including such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, the continent of Africa, and numerous other countries across the globe. Our people come from the intelligence community (IC), Military Special Operations, law enforcement (FBI, US Secret Service and SWAT), emergency management and academia.

Our security professionals combined speak over a dozen languages and have worked in over 120 countries, while several associates are recognized experts in the fields of terrorist investigations, explosives (post blast/ordnance disposal) and chemical/biological response.

At Security Management International our people are experienced security professionals…not over-priced consultants

We Earned Our Reputation in the Field!



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