Security Management International’s 
process in responding to a client’s request for security support is to:
  • Carefully determine the parameters of the requirements
  • Collect intelligence on the situation from the client and other sources
  • Identify the most knowledgeable recources familiar with the area or business (i.e. if the job is in an African country, we would select personnel who have recent on the ground experience)
  • Conduct an onsite survey addressing the vulnerabilies of the site in the eyes of the perceived threat
  • Determine the correct means to reduce the vulnerabilities: Provide a written and/or verbal report to the client or their findings and recommendations
  • If the client wishes to proceed futher, provide a concept of support, and brief the client of the concept
  • Design a detailed system and submit for the client’s approval
  • Order, test and install any and all equipment
  • Conduct training on the equipment and on any other aspect of the security program
  • Provide periodic reviews and make corrections and/or recommendations


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