Table Top Exercise

The Crisis Response Simulation exercise offers a specialized form of training that allows organizations to safely test and evaluate the thoroughness and effectiveness of their emergency plans, preparations and protocols through a simulated table-top exercise. If there is a plan already in place, we review, revise, and test your emergency planning response materials. Participants are encouraged and assisted in coordinating their emergency response efforts with the necessary response partners from the community.

Trainees experience hands-on practice of task management, coordinated responses, communication & interaction with others, both inside and outside of organizational management. Specific scenarios such as biological outbreak/contamination, toxic chemical release/spill, WMD recognition & response and psychological terrorism may also be simulated.

What You Will Learn:

  • Detection and recognition of an incident
  • How to alert/notify the response community
  • Implementation of the appropriate response plan
  • Protection of life/safety of the First Responders
  • Identification of agent used & size of scene
  • Protection/rescue those affected by the attack
  • Containment and/or limiting the size of attack
  • How to provide timely public information
  • How to preserve as much evidence as possible
  • How to maintain continuity of business 
 smi_marc_02.jpg Sample SMI tabletop multi-media injects


SMI facilitators assist in the setup and moderation of the simulated exercise, consisting of multi-media presentations and real-time breaking news events. We offer expert advice for coordination and implementation of your organizations personal Emergency Response Plan.  The Crisis Response Simulation exercises are effective means of confirming that both you and those whom you rely upon in crisis situations are adequately prepared for an emergency, disaster or crisis such as a terrorist attack.



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