Lessons learned from recent campaigns have prompted important shifts in how military and intelligence professionals view the battlefield. Among the most critical has been a growing recognition of the value of detailed knowledge about the civilians among whom operations are conducted. Enemy-centric approaches to operational planning and execution have thus been modified to consider the opposition’s place in society: the “human terrain.”

SMI’s Human Terrain Operations courses are designed for analysts, planners, and field personnel interested in learning how to generate and utilize human terrain information, in understanding the ways human terrain influences opposition networks, and in exploring how the enemy’s place in society can be exploited for strategic and tactical objectives.


  • 3-Day Human Terrain Operations Seminar
  • 1-Week Human Terrain Operations Training Course
  • Multi-Week Human Terrain Operations Training & Mentoring


What You Will Learn:

  • All of SMI’s Human Terrain course offerings build from the core module of our 3-Day Seminar. This course provides a full-spectrum overview of:
  • The practical operational methods and theoretical frameworks required for human terrain operations – rooted in SMI’s field-proven Four-Phased Approach™
  • The Operational Relevance of Human Terrain Data
  • Operational Design and Research Planning
  • Collection Planning and Collection TTPs
  • Analyzing and Presenting Human Terrain Data
  • Operational Implementation

Participants in SMI’s 1-Week Human Terrain Operations Training Course are then coached through a real-time scenario specialized for each client. Our instructors oversee trainees as they execute the steps of the Four-Phased Approach™, leaving clients with a customized and functional operational template at the conclusion of training.

SMI’s Multi-Week Human Terrain Operations Training & Mentoring service offers continued, hands-on support as trainees return to their jobs and apply their new skills to daily challenges. SMI can provide remote consulting support during operational design, execution, and implementation phases, or embed with client personnel to provide additional hands-on support to planning, collection, and analysis efforts.




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